My RAGBRAI Experience!

My RAGBRAI Experience!.

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The Long Ride to RAGBRAI

The Long Ride to RAGBRAI.

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Left Hand Road

It always amazes me every time I travel to see how people behave. Travel must make some people’s brains go to mush… maybe it is the anxiety, the stepping into the unknown, fear… whatever it is, the attitude with travel seems  to be “every man for themselves” with no regard to other’s around them. Over the years traveling, I have enjoyed stepping back and watching people. I have even tried to make up little stories in my head as to where that person is going or what has happened in that person’s life to make them behave this way. I know that might sound weird but it gives me an opportunity to give pause and space and forgive some of the outrageous behavior that I witness at airports and in airplanes across the US. On talking to others, I know I am not alone with some of my pet peeves. Here are just a…

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Hello world!

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